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Understand your belt replacement needs

Don't let your belts fail you on the road. To avoid problems, check for two major culprits: improper tension and misalignment. If your vehicle has a single serpentine belt and uses an automatic tensioning system, it has a tensioner that keeps the belt tight and in place. Check the tensioner and pulleys for wear, dirt and corrosion when you change the belt as they can often fail around the same time.


Our locally-owned shop can check your automatic tensioner as well as your belts to keep you safe!

Replace belts with our help

    Let our experienced specialists walk you through repairs.

  • Follow the belt routing and note the rotation direction.

  • Remove tension on the belt by rotating the tensioner. Remove the old tensioner if it’s worn.

  • Slide the belt off once it’s loose.

  • Install the new belt by following the belt path in the same direction as before.

  • Rotate the tensioner as you load the belt onto it.

  • Make sure the belt is tightened and aligned properly to pulleys.

        If your job looks like it might be more complex, contact us to replace your

        belts for you anytime, 7 days a week.

Check your belts to avoid failure

Let us guide you through replacing belts when needed